70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates

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You can never have a too wide choice of templates for your blog, especially if you’re the experimenting type. Therefore, we started another round up of Blogger (blogger reviews) themes, this time focusing on fresh and modern designs, and came up with about 70 of them.

Please note that many of the template authors’ sites are not in English and you might want to run a Google Translate on them. Some of them might also require a free registration to download the templates.

Don’t forget our originals, 50 More Beautiful Blogger Templates and BLOGGER.COM TOOLBOX: 30+ Templates & Tools for Blogger.

Advanced Tech – A nice blogger template with header tabs, orange color post headers, and post calendar icons.

Altruism – A clean minimalistic template with a white background and bright green sidebar.

Aspire – A rustic look and calendar in the sidebar make this blog template perfect for history bloggers and traditional food bloggers.

Bella – Pink and very feminine. A nice template floral designs on the header and calendar icons on the posts.

BlueMarine – A clean design with nice RSS buttons, and lots of header space.

Butterfly 2 – This is a nicely done template with two red strips running on the sides of the blog and butterflies in the header and sidebar.

Cat – Glossy, shiny; great for a web 2.0 centric blog.

Collaboration – A very clean template, one of my favorites in this list.

Complimentary – A clean white Blogger template, perfect for posting icons with posts. The green header with the blue strip is really standing out.

Darkspark– This is a neat and classy looking black and blue template with floral designs going on in the header. The blue post headers against the black background stand out quite well.

Decorativo – Easy on the eyes, great for a literature-themed blog.

Embouteilllage – Red and black always go together quite well and the combination has been used here quite nicely.

Erudite – I love the templates at this site. This particular one is very clean and can be easily customized.

Feminina 1 – Pink background and one for the girls. In fact, you will see a lot more pink in the Feminina series.

Feminina 2 – A girl in pink on the left sidebar adds a dash of femininity in this striking template. Again, the header is a bit too big for my taste.

Feminina 3 – Pink and butterflies. You can’t beat that.

Flor – A simple, clean floral design.

Flower Pink Border – If you’re up for something different, try this combination of black and pink.

Flowers – Nice “boxy” design and a very modern look. I’d never guess it’s Blogger at first sight.

Garota – Goth-style template, too dark for me but I’m sure many will like it; especially those who are into vampire movies.

Gemstone – Very nice use of the header area and a good color combination.

Genesis – A three-column dark color theme with nice header tabs and sidebar header buttons.

Glass – Another personal favorite of mine, creates that “wow” effect right from the start.

GossipCity – A three column template that will give your blog that metro look with stars and shines.

Graydient – A two column template with gray background and header tabs.

History channel – A template based on the History Channel.

Honest Expressions – A template that is very similar to K2 but has nice sidebar header buttons.

iPhone – For all you iPhone aficionados, here is the perfect template for your blog.

Isabela – An orange strip on the header, a white background, and a girl on the backdrop. A nice combination.

iWork (iWork '09 reviews) – A two column template with a office theme.

Jeans– A template that looks like your faded jeans. Quite nice if you are a cowboy. Or like cowboys.

Leia – A popular template in three column. There are header tabs, and a big blog description space on the right-hand side.

Looter xp – A simple black and white design with some striking effects.

Maio – A dark template with a pink flavour to it. There is an adsense-ready column included as well.

Midnight – A 2-column dark template with nice header tabs.

Mosaico – A template design in mosaic style.

Natural Beauties – This is a clean and sober template with a nice header color and sidebar header buttons. There are some header tabs also that will come quite useful.

Naturescharm – Quite a bright and lively template that any young girl would like to use.

Navideno – A eye appealing treat with a fruity flavor.

O2 – This is a popular WordPress (WordPress reviews) template ported to Blogger. It is a three column template with a bigger sidebar on top of two mini bars on the right hand side.

Oggi – The header comes as part of the post section while the sidebar goes up to the top in this good looking design.

Outono – Another two column template with a floral design on the body.

Pink Stars – A pink background and stars to complement and bring out that perfect feminine look. A great one for the ladies.

ProAds – This one is perfect for placing those 150×150 image ads.

Rainbow Garden – Would you like to have you post decorated nicely with the garden flowers? This is the template for you then.

Red Girl – Quite a nice theme with a red background and an unusual style. You can put your picture int he header.

Revolution – We have seen so many WordPress magazine themes, but this one if for Blogger. check it out.

Bloggerized AdSense – AdSense ready template, not too shabby looking.

iPlantilla – another Mac-themed template with a very clean look.

Secret – Nice hand drawings. And quite a unique design that definitely is striking.

Serena 2 – This is a three-column template that has been nicely done up with a floral design on the background.

Signus – A two column template with header tabs and nice floral designs on the backdrop.

Simplicity 2.0 – This pink color template looks classy and very feminine.

Styleicious – A nice color combination again with blue and black on this three column template.

Substance – A dark-blue template with. Quite a clean look.

SubtleBeauty – As the name suggests, this template is quite a beauty and amazing use of font and background color.

Terra Firma – A nice WordPress ported blog with space for Adsense in the header. Orange and green combination makes it looks fresh and bright.

Wiremesh – A dark template with color post and sidebar headers.

1024px – A simple two column template on plain white background without much color, but with great readability.

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21 Beautiful Blog Designs

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Making a cool blog design that will stand out from the crowd, with all the blogs existing right now is quite a serious challenge. Before a potential new reader can get to the content of you blog you have to catch his attention. That’s when a good design comes handy. Of course, some will recommend keeping the design to a minimum and focus on the content itself. Content was, is and will always be king, but in the fast moving world of the Internet you have to use any advantage you can acquire to keep your visitors on the website.

Here are a few great looking blogs we have discovered (and published on our web gallery) over time.

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A blog by Nick Sigler, a designer and illustrator living in Nashville, TN, and working at cabedge.com . Expect posts on the topics of design, art, music and culture in general.

Twirk Ethnic

The blog of 22 year old freelance designer Oleg Kostuk.

theOleg Blog

The blog of designer / painter Gisele Jaquenod.

Gisele Jaquenod

Personal blog of american actress, singer, model and dancer, Alyson Stoner.

Alyson Stoner

As they say in their description : A site to help out the designer developer community.

Productive Dreams

A french blog containing topics on the best and the worst in design and web.

No Milk Today

A cool Swedish lifestyle blog.


The blog of “Merchand de Trucs – Magic Shop”.

Merchand de Trucs

The 25th (!!!) version of the Avalon Star self-coded blog. It addresses topics such as : Photoshop, Coding, Blogging, Standards etc.

Avalon Star

A blog about WordPress, development, themes and web.


The blog of well-known design company, Studio7Designs.

Eco Design Blog

WP glamour is a blog where you can find some great free themes and unique, innovating premium ones.

WP Glamour

The blog of TJ Mapes, a designer from Chicago, USA.

TJ Mapes

A blog about web development, inspiration and tutorials.


The home of Elliot Jay Stocks, a designer, a speaker, and a writer.

Elliot Jay Stocks

The blog of american web designer and strategist Darren Hoyt. He writes about client relations, user experience, content management, media trends etc.

Darren Hoyt

Ideas about blogging your way to fame.


Taking a look at the best designs on the internet. As well as tutorials teaching you how to produce amazing designs and get good looking results.

Great Design

The blog of Larissa Meek, interactive designer, artist and Sr. Art Director at AgencyNet.

Larissa Meek

A blog about Photoshop, WordPress, Web Trends, Software and Web Design.


Online Playground of photographer C.S.Ling.


We are looking for contributors

We are looking for talented bloggers, that want to promote themselves and their websites by writing articles for our blog. The topics we are interested in are : Graphic Design, Web Design, Flash, Photoshop, Vectorial Graphics, Design Inspiration, Programming, Print Design, Design Resources, photography or just “top 10 articles”. If you like the idea and want to submit an article or just want to find out more, please visit our Contributors Page.

Most Beautiful Websites Of 2008

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For our first yearly wrap up we want to bring you the best 50 CSS and Flash website designs of 2008 handpicked from our website showcase, CLD Web Gallery.

Saizen Media

Nem Studio


Project Vino


Belvedere Inc

Quality XHTML

Avalon Star

Level 2D


Sensi Soft

Five Cent Stand


Dana’s Garden



FortySeven Media



Noe Design Studio

20CM Records

Michelle Dinan


Pixel Criminals

Gavin Mackintosh

Dean Oakley


Jeff Sarmiento

Bonsai Studios

Hicks Design

Okapi Studio

Narf Stuff

Karim Zurita


Outdoor Italia




Aurum 3

Dawghouse Studio

TJ Mapes

MK Leyne

New Zealand Travel Blog

Daniel Rico

Ali Felki

Eco Design Blog

Vikiworks Studio

Komodo Media

Dollar Short

Simply Fired

Web Design and Graphic Design Blog logoCrazyLeaf Design Blog

We are looking for contributors

We are looking for talented bloggers, that want to promote themselves and their websites by writing articles for our blog. The topics we are interested in are : Graphic Design, Web Design, Flash, Photoshop, Vectorial Graphics, Design Inspiration, Programming, Print Design, Design Resources, photography or just “top 10 articles”. If you like the idea and want to submit an article or just want to find out more, please visit our Contributors Page.

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10 Free Photoblog Themes for WordPress

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Love photos? Want to start a photoblog with the help of WordPress? First get a nice photoblog theme. To make your task easier, I am including a list of some of the best photoblog themes for WordPress. All of these themes are available for free download and they really looks good. Check them out!

Grain Photoblog Theme

  • Grain Theme: The Grain is a fixed-width, photoblog theme for WordPress. It uses the Yet Another Photoblog plugin (YAPB) and works nicely with WordPress 2.3 and above. Grain theme uses a Mosaic style overview page, has archives and can display exif data, browse to random photos etc. It really looks good.

Photo Blog WordPress Theme

  • Photo Blog: It is a simple WordPress theme, that you can use to create a nice photoblog. It has fixed width and clean. It uses Shutter Reloaded and WP-PageNavi plugins. Photo Blog is very easy to use and customization is also simple.

Photopress Theme

  • PhotoPress: It is a one column WordPress theme specifically designed for photoblogs. With PhotoPress you can easily display large 640px width images without any clutter.

Nishita Theme

  • Nishita: It is photoblog theme for WordPress. Nishita shows a single image on the front page and it looks simple and elegant. It is very easy to install and customize. Use it today, to show your beautiful photos!

WP-Photogenic Theme

  • WP-Photogenic: A simple WordPress theme designed to suit your photoblogging requirements. This theme is optimized for photos with a width of 725 pixels and it automatically clips the larger images.

Reflection Photo Blog Theme

  • Reflection: It is a simple, clean and elegant WordPress theme that you can use for running your photoblog. Reflection theme uses “Yet Another Photoblog plugin”. Cool AJAX effects on the front page makes it a beautiful theme. Reflection also includes a template for creating a mosaic page, which is a nice way to show archive of photos.

Nautilus Theme

  • Nautilus: Another simple and free WordPress theme for photoblogs. Nautilus is a modified version of K2 theme for WordPress. It is compatible with WordPress 2.2. The theme designer is no longer supporting this theme. Well, the download link is still available.

Click Theme

  • Click: A simple theme for photo blogs. Compatible with WordPress 1.5 & 2.0. The designer has 4 other themes for photo blogs.

Polaroid2 Photoblof Theme

  • Polaroid2: Another theme by Taly, the designer of Click theme. It is compatible with WordPress 1.5 & 2.0.

PhotoBlog Theme

  • PhotoBlog Theme: A beautiful WordPress theme, that you can use in photoblogs. The theme uses the JavaScript Framework jQuery and compatible up to WordPress 2.3.

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Blogger Templates – Beautiful Blogger Xml Templates[100+] [Free Download]

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If you are looking for a fresh and beautiful design to complement your Blogger blog, here is a treat in store for you! This list of 125 free Blogger templates features some of the most beautiful and functional designs for Blogspot that I’ve ever seen!

I have organized this list by style with links to the demo and download pages to help you find the perfect design for your blog, and hope you enjoy this inspirational list of Blogger templates as much as I did in finding them!

Colorful/Elaborate Designs

This selection of free Blogger templates are colorful, beautiful or ornate and are guaranteed to make your blog have a strong visual impact.

1. Butterfly (Vector Three Column) by Blogger Tricks

I was so amazed to see this beautiful theme appear in my feed reader today! This is a stunningly beautiful template with three columns and icons beside important links.

Based on the original theme by Templates4all.com.

Demo | Download

2. Japanese Fleur by Blogger Tricks

A simply stunning WordPress conversion from the original design by Lorelei.

3. Chasmogamous by Template Godown

A simple but effective template with a left-hand sidebar.
Demo | Download

4. New Morning by GosuBlogger

A fresh and lively theme, converted from the original design by WP Free Themes.

Details and download

5. Freedom Wall by GosuBlogger

This distinctive two column template features integrated navigation tabs and a unique calendar style.

Demo | Download

6. Art Imagination by Jackbook

This vivid three column template was converted from the original WordPress Theme and features a beautiful background image which would be ideal for artistic or feminine blogs.

Demo | Download

7. Astro by ThemeLib

A colorful and beautifully stylized template with an ethereal theme. Converted from the original WP theme which was designed by UnoDesignStudio.

Demo | Download

8. Glass by Blog and Web

A subtle two column theme, based on the original design by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

9. Lemon Twist by Jackbook

This is a truly awesome template with many sections in the footer and stylized throughout. Converted from the original WP theme by Far From Fearless.

Demo | Download

10. Agenda 02 by Blogs Made in Spain

A three column template with a notepad style appearance.

Demo | Download

11. Agenda 03 by Blogs Made in Spain

This template is styled like an artist’s desk and is a wide two column layout.

Demo | Download

12. Agenda 04 by Blogs Made in Spain

This rustic theme is a two column design with a beautiful header image.

Demo | Download

13. Made in Spain by Blogs Made in Spain

Of all the notebook style templates I’ve seen, this is my favorite one of all 🙂

Demo | Download

14. Jonga by Layout for All

This two column template has an orange color scheme. Sorry there’s no demo blog for this one, but from the screenshots it looks very good.


15. Snow Crystals by El Blog de Lui

An unusual design with beautiful vector snowflakes, adapted from the template design by Free CSS Templates

Demo | Download

16. Vintage Style by Templates Para Novo Blogger

This tasteful theme is in hues of dark red.

Demo | Download

17. Capung by Template Godown

This single column template has a feminine appeal and is perfect for photobloggers. It includes a widgetized footer section for ads and other content, also a navigation bar for your important links.

Demo | Download

18. Florascent by Blogger Tricks

A beautiful blue toned theme with one sidebar to the left and floral design in the header.

Demo | Download

19. The Hobbit by Blogger Templates (Itmag)

This beautiful template has an ethereal presence.

Demo | Download

20. Galera Curtindo by Emporium Digital

A bold three column theme with centralized navigation buttons beneath the header.

Demo | Download

21. Bronzed by Testing Ground

An elaborate and original two column design.

Details and Download

22. Field of Dreams by Blogger Tricks

A truly stunning and colorful design with tabbed navigation in the header and a built in search function. Originally designed by NotSoBoringLife.

Demo | Download

23. Totally Lost by Our Blog Templates

Here is a great example of how beautiful imagery in the header can totally transform a basic design.

Details and Download

24. The Maldivian by Testing Ground

An elaborate fantasy theme with two sidebars to the right.

Details and download

25. Snail Blogger by Template Godown

Snail is an invigorating theme with split columns in the right hand sidebar. Converted with permission from the original design by Cinila.

Demo | Download

26. Cairo Concept by Testing Ground

A narrow, two column theme with a vivid header image.

Demo | Download

27. Sad Fish by ThemeLib

A simple two column theme with an aquatic feel.

Demo | Download

28. Creation by Blogger Tricks

A beautiful theme which includes an integrated navigation bar and calendar icons. Based on the design originally by Ophelia Nicholson.

Demo | Download

29. Vector Lover by Blog and Web

How stylish is this theme? It features a two column layout with integrated search function, and is converted from the original template by Styleshout.

Demo | Download

30. Rainbow Garden by Jackbook

An ornate and colorful three column template, based on the original design by Web Hosting Geeks.

Demo | Download

31. Assassins by Made in Spain

A two column template themed on the popular video game, Assasin’s Creed.

Demo | Download

32. DH Theme for Blogger by STRA Mirage

A stunning template which was converted from the original WP theme.

Demo | Download

Dark Templates

This selection of Blogger templates use a dark color scheme.

33. Dreamwork Redux by Jackbook

Stunning use of color and many great features make this one of the best dark Blogger templates I’ve ever seen. Based on the original design by Vinh Le.

Demo | Download

34. Graydient by Aborregate

A smooth dark design with pale area for the main blog content. I love the contrasting colors in the header logo which really sets this theme alight. Converted from the WP theme by Free WP Layouts.

Demo | Download

35. Funky Zine by Blogger Tricks

Adapted from the WordPress theme by Chiq Montes, this dark design features a wide sidebar and integrated navigation links.

Demo | Download

36. Renewed by Ramdomness

This dark theme is based on the Minima template, but includes a much wider area for posts. Sidebar titles are highlighted in red, and the layout is hugely customizable.

Demo | Download

37. BT Dark Green by Blogger Buster and Blogging Tips

A wide two column theme with integrated navigation and search, plus mouseover effects in the sidebar. Converted from the WordPress theme by Blogging Tips.

Demo | Download

38. Blue Greens by Our Blog Templates

This template makes stunning use of color contrasts and has a segmented footer for extra widgets.

Details and download

39. Dark World by akOOgle

A simple but professional dark template, ported from the original design by Hive Designs.

Demo | Download

40. Charcoal by Blogger Tricks

A stunning conversion from the original WP theme by Jinsona. Includes a navigation bar, built in feed and bookmark icons, and a wide posting column. Also available in three column format.

Demo | Download

41. Whale of a Time by Suck My Lolly

An original design with two column layout.

Demo | Download

42. Wiremesh by Abboregate

This dark two column theme highlights sidebar and title headings in vivid colors. Based on a design by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

43. Macbook Pro by ThemeLib

A stylish dark template with three columns which is converted from the theme by Quality WordPress. Perfect for Apple lovers!

Demo | Download

44. Zanblue by Blogger Tricks

A delicious dark theme with mouseover effects and stylish widgets. Based on the WP theme by Ophelia Nicholson.

Demo | Download

45. Elegant by Blogmundi

This three column layout is enhanced by the choices of color.

Demo | Download

46. Pepper by Blogger Tricks

Kranthi has done an excellent job of converting this beautiful dark theme. It features an integrated search function and feed icon in the header, with spaces for ads and two sidebars on the right. Converted from the original design by Jinsona.

Demo | Download

46. Green Magic by ThemeLib

This two column template is very easy on the eyes, and includes navigation links and calendar widgets for post dates. Based on the original design by iWebNet.

Demo | Download

47. Architect by George Petsagourakis

An unassuming theme with plenty of options for customization.

Demo | Download

48. DFire by GosuBlogger

This narrow two column theme is remarkable. It features a great color scheme and stylized sidebar headings. Converted by the original theme by Dark Faery Tale.

Demo | Download

49. Signus by Templates Para Novo Blogger

In shades of gray with a vector style background.

Demo | Download

50. Graffiti Art by Blogger Tricks

An outstanding two column template with plenty of color. Ported for Blogger from the original design by WPGalaxy.

Demo | Download

51. Template RS10 by Templates Novo Blogger

A dark themed template with well styled navigation and segmented columns in the footer. Converted from the original design by ThemeLab.

Demo | Download

52. Clean Dark by Blogger Tricks

A three column template whcih features a highlighted sidebar to draw attention to important content.

Demo | Download

53. Urban Artist by Blog and Web

A delicious dark theme with a wide sidebar and many built in features.Based on the original template by Styleshout.

Demo | Download

54. Connexion by Blogger Tricks

A stylish cityscape theme with integrated navigation beneath the header. Based on the original theme for WP by Jinsona.

Demo | Download

55. Gabfire Maq by GosuBlogger

A three column theme with plenty of space for ads. Based on the original theme by Gabfire.

Demo | Download

56. Windows Vista by ThemeLib

A stunning dark two column template, converted from the original WP theme by Themebin.

Minimalist Templates

This style of template offers a simple, clean appearance with few (if any) images.

57. Honest Expressions by Aborregate

A professional style theme with two sidebars to the right of the main posts section. Based on a theme designed by Free WP Layouts.

Demo | Download

58. Addicted by Usario Compulsivo

A fresh inviting theme with three columns. Converted from the original theme by Darren Delaye.

Demo | Download

59. Minimalist E by Our Blog Templates

While this template may have a minimalist layout, I think the overall design is beautiful.

Details and download

60. Cool Calm Collected by BlogCrowds

The epitomy of minimalistic blog design!

Demo | Download

61. Complimentary by Aborregate

An exquisite template with mouseover effects.

Demo | Download

62. is_Simple by Blogmundi

A basic canvas on which you can impress your own customizations. This layout includes two sidebars to the right of the main column, and is very easy to use.

Demo | Download

63. Statement by Zona Cerebral

A fuss-free three column template with iconized links and integrated search function. Based on the original design by BlogOhBlog.

Note: Many pages on Zona Cerebral are currently unavailable, so I have linked to the mirror download location on BTemplates until the links are fixed.

Demo | Download

64. Enlight by Blog and Web

A fresh two column template with integrated navigation links.

Demo | Download

65. Red Planet by Jackbook

This minimalist design features an excellent choice of typography. It includes navigation links and an integrated search function. Based on the original theme by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

66. Facebooked by GosuBlogger

Based on Justin Tadlock’s excellent theme, Facebooked is a three column template in the style of this popular social networking site.

Demo | Download

68. Sederhana (Oh My Grid) by Template Godown

I love this three column, grid based theme which is based on Oh My Grid by Thomas at Orangescale. While using only monochrome colors for the overall layout, it becomes incredibly functional with the unique header layout, ads section and search function below the header. Be sure to check this one out for a truly professional and unique appearance for your blog!

Demo | Download

69. Genkit by GosuBlogger

This clean template has a fluid main posts column and a unique sliding tabbed navigation widget in the left hand side. Converted from the original theme by Ericulous.

Demo | Download

70. Clarity by GosuBlogger

Beautifully simple, this theme features a fluid layout which expands to fit the size of the reader’s browser.

Demo | Download

Feminine Designs

Here is a selection of pretty feminine designs in various colors and styles.

71. We Heart Stuff by STRA Mirage

Feminine and flirty, this pink toned theme includes two columns with navigation beneath the header.

Demo | Download

72. Mae Mulher by Emporium Digital

A beautifully designed feminine theme with a two column layout.

Demo | Download

73. Heart Attack by Suck My Lolly

A simple blue theme with elaborate header.

Demo | Download

74. Thoughtlog by GosuBlogger

A three column design in shades of lilac. Converted from the WordPress theme designed by Scribble Scratch.

Demo | Download

75. Marco by Templates Novo Blogger

A simple, professional and feminine theme.

Demo | Download

76. Summer Love by Blog Crowds

A beautiful two column template with a subtle floral theme.

Demo | Download

77. Mode Parisienne by Suck My Lolly

A fresh feminine theme in pale blue.

Demo | Download

78. Celebrity Blog by Blogger Templates (Itmag)

An excellent template for celebrity bloggers, though this could also be adapted for any feminine themes blog. Converted from the original theme by Red Planet Media

Demo | Download

79. Isabella by Templates Para Novo Blogger

The sidebars in this feminine layout are aligned beneath the vector image on the left.

Demo | Download

80. Shoe Fetish by Randomness

Pink and girly, this template would suit any shoe-lover! Converted from the WordPress theme by Better in Pink.

Demo | Download

81. Bordados 01 by Blogs Made in Spain

An embroidery style template with pretty flowers and a butterfly in the header.

Demo | Download

Professional/Corporate Themes

Clean lines and effective layouts make these designs suitable for business and technical blogs.

82. TechJunkie by Blog and Web

Simple and elegant, this template was converted from the original theme by StyleShout.

An elegant two column theme with contrasting sidebar. Ported from the original theme by Just Skins.

Demo | Download

84. Blue Blog by Zona Cerebral

A wide two column template with calendar widget and integrated search function. Converted from the original WordPress theme by Kailoon.

85. Techlure by Blogger Tricks

Based on the original theme by Padd IT Solutions, this three column template offers a fresh professional layout which is ideal for technology related blogs.

86. Adspress by Template Godown

A simple and professional theme with a built in navigation and search bar.

Demo | Download

87. Indomagz by GosuBlogger

This professional magazine style theme is based on the premium theme by Magznetwork.

Demo | Download

88. Business Blue by GosuBlogger

This three column theme is ideal for a technical or business blog. It includes integrated navigation links and a themed feed icon beneath the header.

Demo | Download

89. Love Blog by GosuBlogger

I like the modest style fo this wide two column theme which includes a navigation bar and integrated search. Based on the theme originally designed by ThaSlayer.

Demo | Download

90. Softlight by B-Themes

This graceful template uses a two column layout with tabs for important navigation links. Based on the WP design by MakeQuick.

Demo | Download

91. Techno by Blog and Web

This blue toned three column template has a technical feel. Based on the CSS template by Free CSS Templates

Demo | Download

92. Naranjo by Templates Para Novo Blogger

With rounded corners and a three column layout, this beautiful template is sure to be useful for any blog niche.

Demo | Download

93. Advanced Tech by Aborregate

A vibrant two column template converted from a theme by Free WP Layouts.

Demo | Download

94. Altruism by Abboregate

This simple two column layout is designed in hints of green. Based on the original design by Node33.

Demo | Download

95. Numerology by Aborregate

A jaw-dropping design with oversized header and great color scheme. Converted from a theme designed by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

96. Keepsheep by Template Godown

This stylish two column layout includes an integrated search function and navigation bar. Based on the original design by Keedie.net.

Demo | Download

97. PassionDuo for Blogger by eBlog Templates

This ad-ready theme was originally designed by DesignSaurus for Daily Blog Tips, and has been converted for Blogger by eBlog Templates.

This theme features many spaces for ads and banners, and is fully widgetized. Please note: you must register a free account with eBlog Templates before you are able to download this theme.

Demo | Details

98. Happie by Blog Mundi

Bright colors help this three column theme to stand out.

Demo | Download

99. Dicas Blogger by Dicas

Simple but so functional, this template has a wide area and two columns below in the right hand sidebar.

Demo | Download

Magazine Style

The recent web design trend for magazine style layouts has found its place in the realm of Blogger template design. Here is a selection of some magazine style templates for Blogger.

100. Visionary Reloaded by Blogger Templates (Itmag)

Here is another template which will wow you! Based on Justin Tadlock’s fabulous theme for WordPress, this Blogger conversion includes everything you could expect from a magazine style template. To say I am impressed is an understatement!

Demo | Download

101. Template Tabs by Templates Para Voce

This layout features many different areas for widgets and comes complete with tabbed navigation in the wide sidebar.

Demo | Download

102. Revolution by Aborregate

If you’re at all interested in theme and web design, chances are you will have heard the name Brian Gardner before. This Blogger template is based on one of Gardner’s most famous templates for WordPress: Revolution. It includes a magazine style layout and translates almost perfectly for Blogger! Certainly a professional style theme to check out.

Demo | Download

103. Personal Mag by ThemeLib

Converted by the beautiful theme designed by WP Theme Designer, this excellent template features a wide layout with two sidebars on the right.

Demo | Download

104. Langit by GosuBlogger

GosuBlogger uses this template for his own blog which proves this is an excellent design to use. I consider this a magazine style template as it includes many different areas for widgets and includes a navigation bar in the header.

Demo | Download

105. Nice! by Templates Para Voce

A simple magazine style theme with tabbed navigation above the main posts section.

Demo | Download


These Blogger templates feature a landscape or cityscape image in the header: an increasingly common trend in blog template design.

106. Isolation by Our Blog Templates

A striking landscape design with a wide sidebar to the right and integrated navigation.

Details and download

107. Greenery by Blog and Web

A two column theme in shades of green. Ported from the original design by LEMONed.

Demo | Download

108. City Scape Theme by Randomness

This outstanding dark theme features a sidebar to the left of the main column and stylized CSS for block quotations. Converted from the original theme by Tutorial Blog.

Demo | Download

109. Grassy Sunset by Jackbook

A narrow two column template with a beautiful header.

Demo | Download

110. Las Vegas by El Blog de Lui

Features a stylish cityscape of Las Vegas beside the narrow header title. Adapted from a template by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

111. Nitelife by Blogger Tricks

This urban theme is based on a design by Ophelia Nicholson, and features three columns with a stunning header image.

Demo | Download

112. A New Day by Blogger Buster

A wide two column theme with transparency across the header image.

Demo | Download

113. Midnight by Aborregate

A dark yet colorful cityscape theme, adapted from a design by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

114. External by Our Blog Templates

A classic two column theme with three columns in the footer. Sorry there is no demo blog available for this template, but you can see the full layout on the download page in a full length screenshot.


Miscellaneous Designs

While these templates don’t fit neatly into any of the other groups above, all are remarkable designs and deserve their place on this list!

115. Grungy by Blogmundi

The grunge style of modern web design is toned down in hues of blue.

Demo | Download

116. Birds on a Wire by Randomness

A fresh and simple theme which was converted from the WP template by Better In Pink.

Demo | Download

117. Natural Essence by GosuBlogger

This earthy toned design is simple and elegant.

Demo | Download

118. Vista Multi Style by Blogger Templates (Itmag)

Here is another jaw-dropping template which really must be seen in action.

Demo | Download

119. iBlock Template (for iPhone) by iBlock

This remarkable design is the first Blogger template specifically designed for viewing on the iPhone (or other handheld devices). There is also CSS for viewing in a desktop browser which can be downloaded from the iBlock site.

Demo | Download

120. Blanco Negro by Blogs Made in Spain

A striking black and white template with two sidebars on the right.

Demo | Download

121. BookSmarts by Suck my Lolly

This simple three column template features a beautiful header image and sidebars to either side of the main posts column.

Demo | Download

122. Twitter Theme by GosuBlogger

Perfectly styled, this Twitter theme offers a clean and funky way to present your blog.

Demo | Download

123. Jeans Three Column by InfoCreek

A three column template with a denim style background and stylish headings.

Demo | Download

124. Photoblog by Our Blogger Templates

A beautiful one column theme which is ideal for wide images.

Details and download

125. Communist by Blogger Tricks

Kranthi describes this as a niche template, though with a slight change to the image in the header, I’m sure this could be made suitable for almost any style of blog. I love the color scheme (red is one of my favorites to be seen in web design) and the clean lines make for a professional appearance. This template is based on the original design by Jinsona.

Demo | Download

About this list

Many of the designs featured in this list are conversions of WordPress and CSS based designs. Wherever possible, I have given credit to the original designer of these works, and also to the person who converted/designed these templates for Blogger. Please let me know if I have made an incorrect attribution and I will edit this article accordingly.

Over to you!

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these beautiful and inspiring blog designs! Please let me know about your favorite Blogger templates and your opinions of this article by leaving your comments below.

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